Contributor's Hack 2020

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About the Organisation

HakinCodes is established in 2020 with a mission to empower youth i.e. students, developers, engineers, and innovators irrespective of any differences by giving them equal opportunities to grow and learn.

Contributor's Hack is an annual Open-Source Program organized by HakinCodes that unites students, developers, engineers, and innovators from different places and culture to be a part of one and a half months of learning and contributing to Open-Source Projects for building their skills and learning how to collaborate and work together in a dev community.

This Program begins on 16th August and ends on 2nd October.

In this program, we hope to provide unique and amazing Open-Source Projects to the fellow participants to work under the guidance of highly skilled mentors so that they could get good exposure to contributing to Open-Source Community.

Projects Contributed during this period

It was an amazing journey; I got to learn a lot from other participants and the mentors were really supportive. I'm one of the top 5 Contributors on the list.

Doc2pen 🖊️

A student's savior to submit those assignments by just typing them out and getting them handwritten on the go!

Tasks Given

  • Navbar and Footer

  • Team section (black and white to color transition cards)

  • Program cards

  • Contact Page section

  • Logo in name format (Using figma)

Awesome Portfolio Website 👩🏻

An open-source project aimed at providing a full-fledged template that anyone can use to build and put out their website within an hour! We take care of the SEO and the boring stuff behind your personal portfolio so that you can focus on building your projects.

Issues assigned

  • Dark Mode theme (color codes and initialization)

  • Responsiveness

  • 404 page (Acc. to the theme)

  • Documentation and gh-deploy (Mkdocs)